Frequently Asked Questions

What is encaustic painting?
Encaustic painting is sort of a lost art form in which the artist uses pigmented waxes which are fused and layered through a heated application.  Encaustic mediums allow the artist to preserve anything buried in the pigmented waxes and also build somewhat translucent layers and textures.

What does a painting cost?
Currently I am working in the size range of 18 X 24.  Some paintings are square while others are rectangular.  All paintings are of high quality gallery wrapped canvas and created with rich colors and textures-- top of the line fine arts materials.  Anyone interested can purchase a wedding painting for one hundred dollars, fairly priced as a gift to the bride and groom, but very understated in the art world.  

Sizing and pricing can be altered to meet the customer's needs.  

How long does a painting take to complete?
Depending on the current workload, paintings can be completed in as little as a week, although that is not always the case.